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This is something of a big week for us.  This morning Katie and I just said goodbye to Tim, Charlotte and their kids Myra and Isaiah.  Tim just graduated from AMBS this last week.  They packed up their apartment in Elkhart, sent the stuff off to British Columbia, Canada, and took off on a road trip on their way back to Vancouver.  They’re seeing all kinds of things like the Grand Canyon other sights of the southwest before heading up the coast to BC.  On their trip they made a stop for the last couple of days here in Harper.  It was really great to see them again, but tough to see them go.

Now that their gone, our attention turns to Bolivia for the rest of this week.  Friday morning we pull out of Harper to begin out youth service trip to Santa Cruz, Bolivia.  We’re taking 10 high school youth for almost two weeks to Bolivia to work on building a day care facility at our sister church.  And yes, I’m seriously beginning to question whether or not I am sane for undertaking this trip.  In all seriousness it should be a fantastic trip.  Most of these kids haven’t been out of the state, let alone the county.  It’s going to rock their world and I get a front row seat.  It’s going to be amazing.

So as far as this blog goes, I won’t really be updating much for the next couple of weeks……unless I have internet access.  In which case I might update a fair bit.  Nevertheless.  I don’t want to leave my handful of readers with nothing to enjoy.  So I’ll leave you with some pictures of spring in Harper.  We’ve had a surprising number of fabulous birds hanging out in our back yard.  I’ll set up the blog so every now and then you get some pictures of the birds of our back yard, our cats and some of the spring blooms.  Enjoy!

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