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1) This is actually real.  www.carlashes.com

2) If this exists, the next thing has to be truck mustaches.  That’s all I’m sayin’.

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There really is nothing like a county fair in Kansas.  The various animals of all sorts, carefully raised to perfection, plenty of artery clogging foods, a traveling carnival that you are pretty sure you shouldn’t let you kids ride on but you do anyway, and of course the contests.  From woodworking to fruits and vegetables, cakes and canned goods.  Among the contests was the photography contest.  Being the amateur photo buff that I am, I decided to enter.

Out of a total of 9 pictures, 3 got nothing, 1 got a red and 5 got blues.  And one of the blues took reserve grand champion.  I was pretty pleased, even if it is just the county fair.  And yes, my mother will be getting the picture of the flower, complete with the blue ribbon.

Blue – Reserve Grand Champion




The next series of photos were part of a single piece that was supposed to tell a story.  It got a blue


The rest didn’t place.   I was really disappointed by that on a couple of these.

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For those of you who aren’t familiar with the booming metropolis of my hometown of Goessel, Kansas, it’s a small town tucked away out on the prairie.  As with every small town, they have their annual parade and town festival.  There are all kinds of events and things to see and do, all pretty much relating to all things agricultural.  This year, I didn’t get to stay for much of the festivities, but I did get some good photos of the parade.  Enjoy.

A traditional beginning


Throwin’ candy.

You never really know what you’ll see at the parade.

And of course the tractors

Finishing up with the horses.

The End.

Oh, one more P.S. for you foodies.  Of course we had to go to the grade school for the Low German meal.  That would be Verenika, German Sausage, Zwiebach, a new years cookie and cherry moos.  If you don’t know what all that is, you’re seriously missing out on a glorious food experience.

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