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This video says, pretty succinctly, some key things to understanding the world of teens looks like.  Especially from the perspective of parents and the church, this should be some pretty good motivation to renew our efforts of living out and articulating our faith in a meaningful way.


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Let go, Return

Sorry for not having very many posts recently.  There will be some coming in the near future.  But for the moment, as I was cleaning yesterday I found a poem by Josephine W. Johnson that I received from Gene Herr.  It’s worth a read.

Let Go, Return

This is the need, The deep necessity of every life:
To Scatter wide seed in many fields
But build one barn.
This is our blunder, to have built
Gilt shacks for every seed,,
And followed our sowing on fast, anxious feet,
Desiring to grind the far most grain.
Let go.  Let go.  Return.
Heighten and straighten the barn’s first beam.
Give shape and form.  Discover the rat,
    The splintered stair.
Throw out the dry, gray corn.
Then may it be said of you:
Behold, he has done on thing well,
And he knows whereof he speaks, and
    He means what he has said
And we may trust him. 
   This is sufficient for a life.

Josephine W. Johnson

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So a while back my sister and I put together a video project recording my grandmother teaching my sister how to make Zwiebach.  There’s a longer DVD of this if anyone’s interested, but here’s the shorter version that just sticks to the making of the Zwiebach.

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